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Success Stories

We are privileged to work with some amazing patients that are an inspiration to everyone they touch. We'd like to share their stories, and celebrate their successes. Enjoy!


Four years after being diagnosed with bone cancer, Randy Herlein embarked on a lifelong dream, hiking the Grand Canyon. It took Herlein and his team two days and a combined 20 hours of hiking to get to the bottom, where they spent two nights in the Bright Angel campground.

“All of life gets you ready for the next step. Those tough spots that you've been through in your life are preparing you to take the next step. Whether it is a journey of 1,000 miles or 9.4 miles to the bottom of the Grand Canyon, it begins with a first step.”

Prosthetic Labs Randy Story


10 months after a doctor told him he would no longer be able to do the things he loved to do, rock climber Clint adapted to his new circumstance and began reaching for new heights. After all, "It's only a hand."

Prosthetic Labs Clint Story


After losing his hand to cancer, Dale used a variety of prostheses. Then, on December 16, 2011, he received an incredible device--the first Michelangelo hand ever worn by a civilian--a lifelike, functional prosthesis that "makes me feel like a person first and an amputee second."

Prosthetic Labs Dale Story


At 40 years of age, Debbie knew that there was more to life than she had already experienced. Thanks to her involvement in yoga Debbie's life improved while she learned new skills as well as being able to balance again with her computerized leg from Prosthetic Laboratories!

Prosthetic Labs Debbie Story


This is the story of Ethan and how "rotationplasty" has helped him overcome some big obstacles in his life. Even though times were tough while fighting cancer, Ethan looked forward to a fresh start. With his hard work and determination Ethan retaught himself how to walk and has returned to enjoying his childhood.

Prosthetic Labs Ethan Story


Juanita had both legs amputated below the knee. She knew that she "did not want to be in a wheelchair the rest of my life." So Juanita decided to get two prosthetic legs from Prosthetic Laboratories. Now she can enjoy living upstairs and going out with her "Out to Lunch Bunch."

Prosthetic Labs Juanita Story

EJ & Cathy

Always together--that's how everyone described Cathy and her husband EJ. Now, after a life-changing accident, they face another hurdle together and learn to cope with their new normal. As Cathy stated, "you never know what tomorrow is going to bring, enjoy your life each day as it comes."

Prosthetic Labs EJ and Cathy Story


At the age of 17 Tasha was an aspiring thespian when a freak accident changed her life in an instant. Tasha was acting when she fell 16 feet through an open door on stage and landed on her neck. The accident caused Tasha to become a quadriplegic, but with the help of Prosthetic Laboratories she has gained the ability to write, eat, and apply her own makeup again.

Prosthetic Labs Tasha Story

Wayne Eddy

A glimpse into broadcaster Wayne Eddy's life as a below-knee amputee. Diabetes took his leg, but his sense of humor is still going strong!

Prosthetic Labs Wayne Eddy Story