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Insurance & Billing

We understand insurance is not an easy part of health care, especially with all the national health care reform changes. At Prosthetic Laboratories we are here to help you! We have a dedicated and experienced team of professionals, knowledgable in every aspect of medical insurance billing.

You Are Not Alone...

Many companies bill your insurance and let you deal with the follow up and struggle of potential denials or appeals. At Prosthetic Laboratories we are with you every step of the way. We work with you, your physicians and insurance companies throughout the process.

We Are Connected!

Prosthetic Laboratories works with most insurance companies. If we do not have a relationship with them, we will work with you and your insurance to explore all options to secure the best solution for you.

No Insurance Coverage?

We offer a discount if you don't have insurance or the item you need is not covered by insurance. The discount is applied at the time of delivery if payment is made in full.

Flexible payment plans are also available. We want to make certain we provide the services you need at a cost you can afford. For more information on insurance and billing, please speak to a Prosthetic Laboratories employee.