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Products & Services

​Listed below are the products and services we most commonly offer. If you have any questions about our products and services, feel free to contact your Prosthetic Laboratories Practitioner.


Neck & Spine Orthosis
Upper Extremity Orthoses
Lower Extremity Orthoses
Foot Orthoses
Pediatric Orthoses


Interscapular-Thoracic Amputation and Shoulder Disarticulation
Transhumeral Amputation and Elbow Disarticulation
Transradial Amputation and Wrist Disarticulation
Partial Hand Amputation
Additions to Upper Extremity Prostheses
Hemipelvectomy Amputation and Hip Disarticulation
Transfemoral Amputation and Knee Disarticulation
Transtibial and Syme Amputations and Rotationplasty
Additions to Lower Extremity Prostheses